The only mobile dog grooming service using purified water.

Simply Grooms Van

Tested and Certified
Clean Pure Water

We are the first mobile dog grooming service to use a “Proprietary” onboard water purification system.

Meet Our Team
Of Professional Groomers


My name is Cailin MacArthur. I’m 26 years old and a mother of one! Going on my 8th year grooming dogs and cats. I started my career as a dog bather at the age of 19 and progressed through the years, expanding my knowledge and grooming skills. I love dogs (surprise) the beach and tattoos.


My name is Jenna, I have been a groomer for 10 years. My father always said that I was going to be a veterinarian, but I decided to be a groomer instead it’s more of a positive environment with the animals. I have two wonderful boys, my eldest is James and my youngest is Jack. We also have a beautiful golden retriever named Mariah that my kids adore and love. She brings so much positivity to our household and lots of energy. I love my job and what I do every day because I believe I am making a difference and every dog that I work with. Regularly scheduled bathing and grooming is essential to your dog’s health and wellness. The best part is when the dog gets to know you, you become part of their family.


My name is Josie and I absolutely love animals! I chose this career because I have always been able to connect with animals better than some of my best friends. I am 31 years old and have two amazing young children, aged 2 and 6. I went to grooming school at Pets Playground in Pompano Beach and finished an apprenticeship at Eastside Pet Grooming in Boca Raton. I’ve been grooming for 8 years now and wouldn’t change anything for the world.

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Why We Purify
Our Water

We purify our water to remove or reduce the concentration of contaminants such as parasites, bacteria, algae, viruses, fungi and many others.

These contaminants are harmful to both humans and animals alike.

Our Clean & Pure Process. Click to enlarge.

Regular Use:

Improves the quality of their skin and coat

Removes harmful bacteria and viruses

Removes heavy metals

Removes certain carcinogens

Removes harmful chlorine

Improves the overall well being of your pet

Common conditions
caused by unfiltered water

Skin conditions

Stomach issues

Ear infections

Eye conditions


Our Client’s Satisfaction
Is Our Top Priority

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Simply Grooms Proprietary Water Purification System
Guarantees Every Bath Is Clean & Pure

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